(let ( (activities '(learn code play)) )
  (dotimes (day 6)
      (mapcar #'(lambda (activity)
                  (funcall activity))
              (pick-two activities)))))

Do you hack code professionally and enjoy skiing or snowboarding?

Maybe you should combine the two and hack code in the evening with like-minded people after enjoying yourself on the slopes.

Silicon Chalet aims to take you to the French Alps on the first code freeze you'll actually enjoy. We'll take the organisational pain of bringing it all together if you bring all the energy you need to hit the slopes every day with some left over for thinking and drinking in the evenings.

Your hosts are serious about snow and code, we are also partial to good booze

The Days

Our goal is to go back to one of the resorts we know has the ability to provide good snow conditions, selection of runs both on and off-piste, snowpark facilities and enough mountain for it to be impossible to become bored in a week of full-on exploration.

For those who are starting, or have little experience there will be lessons booked through companies we trust, for others serious exploration of the mountains with your hosts or even a spot of back country exploration with a local guide will be the order of the day.

The Nights

Whilst there may be some perfect combination of geeking out and chilling out we don't know what it is yet, we're still in beta. Hopefully you'll help us gather some data on this so we can analyse it and figure out how many nights we should devote to our major activities.

We do promise you that we will do our utmost to provide you with the best broadband connection possible in the mountains so that a chalet full of geeks should never be offline unless they absolutely want to be.


We know that lots of you are experts in some domain so we thought it would be a good idea to let you show it by getting didactic on each other and presenting what you feel is an important piece of technology, research or just a true learning experience from the trenches (seriously amusing rants also considered). We will provide the tools (food, beer, projector), you provide the talent.


Fancy hacking? We're here to help put those of you with free time together for fun and profit. We have no idea if we will have any money left over for prizes but you make things for the thrill of seeing them work, right?

Want to work on your own personal projects? Go for it, as long as you like inquisitive geeks peeking over your shoulder kibbitzing about whether you should be using Bootstrap or not.

Actually need to get work done whilst you're away because your office can't do without you? While we'd rather you play with us we respect that and won't stop you.


There isn't much point going into the mountains unless you spend some time swapping notes with other people who are there trying not break themselves on the mountain. In addition to some regular apr├ęs-ski on the slopes we're obviously going to venture into town and show you around the local restaurants, bars and clubs.


We want to provide a week of geekery with no hassle for you.

We are going to Tignes between the 25th January and 1st of February 2014 and we are taking deposits from today.

If you have never been or heard about it Tignes is one of the best places to go play on snow in Europe.

The Espace Killy area has over 300km of pisted runs, hosts the X-Games and even has snow in summer at the top of the highest peaks that are covered by glaciers!

It is also linked directly to the Val d'Isere ski area that includes the World Cup and Olympic ski runs if you want to see how your time stacks up to the best.

Your money gets you all of the following;

  • Airport transfers
  • Ski pass
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Broadband and WiFi in chalet
  • Presentation equipment

Additionally we are going to throw in some beer and then allow you to prove your coding credentials by giving us a talk on your own area (if you want!), winning tech pop-quizzes and generally having a jolly good time.

The price is 850 GBP with a 20% deposit payable now to secure your place and the balance payable by the 14th July 2013.

If for any reason we cannot get enough people then you get your deposit back in full and a hug from us because we couldn't make it happen.

The Chalet

The chalet we have earmarked if we get signups quick enough is situated a couple of hundred meters away from the centre of Le Lac, with a very short walk to get on the slopes.

The chalet consists of 7 bedrooms, a bunch of bathrooms, an indoor ski/boot storage area, and a large terrace to kick back with a beer after a whole day of skiing/boarding, while taking in the beautiful scenery.

There is a lot of communal space for giving presentations, playing games, and eating!

All rooms were refurbished five years ago to a high standard, using traditional chalet materials.

Book Your Place!

Assuming you like the sound of the above then please contact us to secure a spot right now!

If you need more information or want to discuss anything then please either use the form below as well or contact us at Silicon Chalet

You must be 18 or over to come with us, sorry!

Who is doing this?

Nigel Rantor

Nigel has been building systems for over 15 years in multiple capacities and has worked in fields such as media, speech, investment banking, and e-commerce. Most recently been responsible for helping to rebuild the Gumtree website from the ground up for eBay.

He has a deep-seated feeling of 'meh' to Java, most likely due to having used it since v1.0, has given up a long-term relationship with Perl to switch to Ruby and would like to build something with LISP.

On the mountain he rides a Bataleon Evil Twin, hacks on a Carbon X1 and wears green a lot.

Magnus Erixzon

Magnus has had an illustrious career in the security, social media and broadcast media markets, in companies such as Sophos and at the BBC. A few years ago he started VQ Legal (in Swedish) together with two Swedish lawyers, which provides intelligent software services to Scandinavian law firms.

Like Nigel, he has a long-time relationship with Perl. While Magnus hasn't given it up, his most recent projects are being coded in Go.

Rides a Forum "The Destroyer" board, hacks on a Carbon X1 and wears penguin hats on the slopes. Sometimes tweets random stuff.